December 2016


Hello Readers,December 2016 Yank News
Once again we are gearing up for Christmas and the holiday season and getting ready for another new year bash. The Normanville New Year’s Eve Pageant will once again make its way through Normanville and ending with festivities and fireworks at the beach. The pageant team are urgently seeking assistance from anyone in the community interested in preserving this event.
Many hands make light work as they say. Details on page 10-11.
The cover this month is the Ingallala Falls taken at the start of November and there was still plenty of water around. Summer is running a bit late this year. The Ingallala Falls was recently announced as number 6 in South Australia’s best waterfalls on the Walking SA website. We also picked up number 1 spot with the Deep Creek falls. See their website for details:
The Shannons/Yankalilla Rotary Club Yankalilla Cruise has had another very successful event during November. There is a report in this issue with a few photos on page 18. Next year will be the 10th Cruise so look forward to something extra special.
The Courthouse at Normanville is safe from demolition (yes, it was just the rumour mill having a workout) but as there is no protective title over it the future is never certain. The Historical Society is holding a public meeting to discuss its future. See
page 31.
Next issue will be the first for 2017 and it will not be distributed until 17th January. It will cover until the end of February. There will also be increased quantities produced to cover the extra time as usual.
Time for a quick plug of the YRN website? Why not, as I actually left myself some writing room this time...
“Although not all photos are printed in colour due to cost constraints you can always log on to the website as see the colour pdf version of each issue:”
Yep, that was it. Short and sweet. But , it is handy to look up stuff like trades and services or some bit of information if you haven’t got a hard copy nearby.
Until next issue...
Paul Jelfs