March 2017


Hello Readers,March 2017 Yank News
I almost had space to say something but last minute inclusions ate that space up.
Thanks to Dave Muirhead for sending the underwater shot and Trevor Haniford for the sunset shot, both at Second Valley that seemed appropriate for the Festival headline. Trevor also commented in the email…
“...I have lived in Normanville for the past 18 years. I still work full time, I love to fish and take photos. I have sent you this photo I took recently at Second Valley. I thought you might be able to use it and show your readers in our monthly magazine (Yankalilla Regional News). It is proof you don't have to spend lots of money or travel overseas, we have it all here on our doorstep to be appreciated.”
How true it is. Not only the scenery, we also have some unique entertainment and activities. Festival Fleurieu next month has been 2 years in the making (since last time), not to mention the NYE Pageant, Yank Cruise and heaps of other stuff....and now my space has come to an end.
Until next issue...
Paul Jelfs