May 2017


Hello Readers,May 2017 Yank News
I hope you enjoyed the many happenings of April including Easter, school holidays and the Festival Fleurieu - continuing as I write this and get to press - and Anzac Day - Lest We Forget!
It certainly has been busy around the area and many businesses mentioned a good increase in customer traffic.
So, here we are in May and best wishes to all the Mothers out there for Mothers Day on Sunday 14th.
May is also South Australian History Festival month and there are events and exhibits happening across the state including a bunch of things in our local area. Following the History Festival, the Heritage Fleurieu Coast will be organising the inaugural 2018 event starting with a public meeting. This will run on the alternate years to the Festival Fleurieu. All the ‘historical items’ are on page 10 and 11.
It is about this time of year that I check the advert prices are holding up - well actually it was last month but I didn’t get to it - so there is some minor price adjustments effective from June issue. Some popular sizes I left the same.
Another stunning cover shot from Gillian and the local grave stones photo was sent in by Sharon Campbell to use for history month. Thanks Sharon.
Until next issue...