March 2018


Hello Readers,When you see adverts stacked next to this editorial, you know I had to squeeze lots in!March 2018 Yank News
The Heritage Fleurieu Coast is not far away (May) and the number of local events (see page 16) has surpassed expectations. So, the Festival program has been included in this issue as the centre lift-out. Then you can lift-out ‘In The Loop’ after that to see what Yankalilla Council has to say this month.
Markets, car boot sales, and fundraising events are plentiful this month which seems to be the trend around Easter (oh yeah, Easter is at the end of this month, by the way) and there will be the usual influx of visitors, making the most of what we have to offer.
Readers letters (some tell me that’s their favourite section) are on page 18 and they are not all about dog by-laws.
The Stobie Pole Art Project has finally come to fruition (no, not the election posters!) and we will soon start seeing the art along Main Street, Yankalilla. Details in this issue of course.
What else? All kinds of things but I haven’t got the space to tell you, so… read on!
Until next issue...
Paul Jelfs