April 2018


Hello Readers,April 2018 Yank News
Happy Easter and may you have your fill of chocolate! We had to push fairly hard to get this out for Easter but mission accomplished.
However, some areas may be delayed as there is no mail deliveries over Easter.
We had a change of state government during March with the election held on the 17th.
Amazing the attention we were getting from politicians up to the election. Since then, it’s like
aliens took them all away! (One can only hope.)
So we will see what the Liberals have in store for us in due course.
Speaking of elections, the Council elections are coming up in November this year. Have you thought about running? To find out what is involved CEO Nigel Morris would love to have a coffee with you to discuss all the finer points.
That is just one of the snippets of information that Yankalilla Council has included in this month’s In The Loop, which is double it’s usual size.
We have your letters, with something about dogs (of course), the satisfaction levels regarding our
council, even a bit of spirituality among other things.
Coming up in May is the SA History Festival and our first Heritage Fleurieu Coast festival. The program was in the March issue (did you keep your copy?) or more are available at the Visitor Information Centre. This issue has some more updates and a couple of minor changes to the program.
This year Leonards Mill is celebrating 160 years and there are some events planned at the iconic building for the history festival.
The new petrol station is taking shape between Yankalilla and Normanville. It certainly looks big enough to cater for future needs and we all get a good view of the development as we pass by.
What else? Always plenty more to read about… so find your comfy chair and carry on.
Until next issue...
Paul Jelfs