August 2018

Hello Readers,August 2018 Yank News
Fungi abound at this time of year and hence the cover shot by Gillian Rayment. The Natural Resource Centre at Normanville features fungi in their regular article this month. You will find their spread on page 26-27.
More from the Yankalilla Historical Society who give us a bit of the history of Anacotilla and early agricultural innovation in their article on page 15.
The Yankalilla Show is raising funds to fix the double doors at the front entrance to the main hall. To do this they are holding another Bush Dance following their successful event held in 2017. Get along and support your local Show!
All the details are on page 10-11.
The Wirrina water and sewerage issue is in the process of coming to some arrangement between DCY and SA Water. These people would like to know your opinions and feedback in order to come up with the best proposal. If you are affected you should have your say. See page 8 for more detail and the links to the feedback websites.
In other news...
Ladies Probus Club tell us of their latest happenings, the Men's Probus Club and Normanville Sailing Club held their annual awards, the Tigers look to be in multiple finals in footy, netball and hockey, Rox Rosey tackles plastic bags, Yankalilla Council keep us 'In The Loop' and, of course there are some readers' letters covering a wide subject range as usual.
Time for some 'self-promotion' as I have a few spare centimetres of space left and I don't often remember to do this...
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Paul Jelfs