October 2018

Hello Readers,October 2018 Yank News (002)
We have arrived at the October long weekend and another Yankalilla Show! From here on, the run up to Christmas will be increasing in pace.
The Yankalilla Council elections are closing Friday 9 November and your voting paper will arrive by post so look out for it. Being the issue before election there is a heap of info in the Council’s In The Loop section and a bit more on page 15. There is more candidates than vacancies in both wards so make your vote count.
While on the subject of Yankalilla Council, the Second Valley community recently held a morning tea to say thanks for the hard work and money spent on the many improvements in the Valley. It showed that there are many who appreciate what our Council does for it’s residents. See page 10.
What else is happening? There is always plenty if you have a good look. Free 30 minute CPR Session are being offered at the Yankalilla Ambulance station as part of International Restart a Heart Day. A highly worthwhile thing to learn and the details are on page 2.
Feel like a cruise in the country? The Historic Motor Vehicles Club at Strathalbyn are having their annual show - see page 7.
Locally, we have poetry sessions, music and other entertainments, not to mention the various food options. Read on to discover them.
Winter sports are making way for summer sports and there are updates from many of them in this issue too.
Until next issue...
Paul Jelfs