June 2018

Hello Readers,June 2018 Yank News
Leading the news this month is the plan to spend millions of dollars on a refurbishment of the Yankalilla Memorial Park. The plan opens up the area for more uses and community engagement.
Volunteers are being sought to be on a steering committee to ensure it all happens. See page 13 for details and requirements.
The Myponga Playground was officially opened in April and is being well utilised by locals and visitors alike. For details see the 'In the Loop' section which is another double-sized edition.
Council have lots to keep us informed of lately, which is good but I can't help thinking it had something to do with the recent performance evaluation report. That's good too, it means they do listen to feedback.
The Heritage Fleurieu Coast Festival took place in May and appears to have been very successful. A few snippets made it in to this issue.
There is also updates from upcoming 'Flourishing Fleurieu Festival 2018' and 'Festival Fleurieu 2019' - South Australia is still the 'Festival State' at heart, even if the slogan was dropped from our licence plates in recent years.
Environmental projects are on the go at this time of year. In this issue you can help save the Beautiful Firetail bird with a planting day at Deep Creek. If you are quick, there is SwampFest near Mt Compass on June 3 as well.
Trees For Life are taking orders from landholders for native vegetation which will help save the bees!
The pygmy possum is thriving thanks to conservation efforts which have been reported on in past issues. See page 37.
Until next issue...
Paul Jelfs

May 2018


Hello Readers,May 2018 Yank News
The SA History Festival and our own Heritage Fleurieu Coast Festival are on throughout this month. Locally, there are many events to get involved in. If you need more information, the Visitor Information Centre has the details and programs and will sell you event tickets and more!
In keeping with the historical theme, there is the account of the robbery of the Commercial Bank of SA’s Yankalilla branch from the Yankalilla Historical Society. The YHS will also be holding four historical talks in conjunction with the Yankalilla Library for the festival.
We do like to have our opinion on local matters of importance in the Yankalilla District. Your letters to the editor this month had to be spread over three pages! You can probably guess there will be some about ‘dog bylaws’ and unhappy ratepayers, of course… there also might be a few interesting revelations! I don’t want to spoil your fun so best read them yourself.
There are also some related items in the DCY’s In The Loop section, which is again double its usual number of pages. Keep up with the Council’s agenda and have a read, especially if you are a ratepayer.
Lastly, the YRN has been printed by Mercury Printing Services for the last 25 years! See page 7 for a brief history, sourced from my historical records. Aptly coinciding with the history festival.
Until next issue...
Paul Jelfs