December 2017

Hello Readers,December 2017 Yank News
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all, as we rush in to the busy holiday season.
The 10th Annual Shannon’s Yankalilla Cruise was successfully held by Yankalilla Rotary in November, which is a great achievement. You can find a wrap up on page 12.
Another milestone will be set on new years eve when the Normanville NYE Pageant holds its 20th annual parade. Better dust those costumes off and get in on the act. Details on page 8.
Congratulations to the Yankalilla Visitor Information Centre on winning Silver in the SA Tourism Awards, which follows their Bronze Award last year.
Heritage Fleurieu Coast updates us on the coming SA History Festival and the local events on the list so far on page 9.
Rapid Bay unveils their latest art project - a butterfly mural water tank. A collaboration between artist Sia Booth, Rapid Bay Primary School students and members of the Rapid Bay community. See page 40.
What else? The dog on/off leash debate continues in your letters. The council have a double sized ‘In The Loop’ section to keep you informed.
Of course there’s more, which you can find as you turn the page…
Until next issue…
Paul Jelfs

November 2017


Hello Readers,November 2017 Yank News
The big event for November is the Shannon’s Yankalilla Cruise brought to you by the Yankalilla Rotary Club. Always a big crowd pleaser with hot cars, rock n roll, food and entertainment at the Yankalilla Oval. This is the 10th year and it keeps getting bigger and better. See page 11 for all the details.
Heritage Fleurieu Coast continues to gear up for next year’s event and there is also more to read on our local history from the Yankalilla Historical Society as well as another ‘History Talk’ in conjunction with the Library. See page 10 for details.
Next issue is the Christmas issue which is the biggest of the year with a circulation increase
up to around 6300. This covers December through to mid-January. The following issue comes out mid-January and covers to the end of February. Please send your in your adverts and changes as soon as possible so I don’t get too buried in work at the time of the deadline.
Until next issue...
Paul Jelfs