October 2016

Hello Readers,October 2016 Yankalilla Regional News
October is here! The Yankalilla Show, long weekend, sunshine (or not) and a sudden change of pace as we realise summer is on the way.
Certainly the level of activity has increased a few notches since last month.
There was even a jump in the number submissions to the good ol’ Yank News, which is back up to 40 pages this time and likely to
increase further in the Christmas lead up. A good reason to submit your stuff as early as possible to avoid the rush around the deadline date.
The Yankalilla Council have been a bit creative and have totally re-vamped their ‘In The Loop” section. It’s still in the middle as usual and feel free to provide feedback to the Council on their efforts.
The Yankalilla Community Children's Centre are raising funds and are holding a quiz night. Get your table together for a fun night with a good cause. See page 11.
It has been a few years since the area had a Laundromat but now we do again! Not only that, but there is a dog wash too. Kaye Fox has expanded her Yankalilla Car Wash to include these new facilities. There are some details on page 32.
Plenty for history enthusiasts to get involved in this month. The Yankalilla Museum is seeking old photos of Normanville and the Heritage Fleurieu Coast Festival is getting organised. See page 16-17 and there is also the regular dose of local history from the Historical Society.
Other updates in this issue include the Festival Fleurieu 2017, Sealand Theatre, Books & Words Group, Yankalilla Area School and many more.
As usual there is a bunch of activities and entertainment from Club Fleurieu and the Normanville Natural Resource Centre.
That should keep everyone busy for a while.
Some trivia... The Yankalilla Regional News turned 46 years old in September... roll on 50!
Until next issue...
Paul Jelfs

September 2016


Hello Readers,September 2016 Yankalilla Regional News
We can almost say goodbye to winter as the days get longer and before we know it, it will be
Christmas again (scream in joy/horror now if you must).
Fast approaching of course is the 2016 Yankalilla Show on 1st October. This event on the long weekend as usual will mark the start of the buildup to the ‘busy period’ for our district.
Also in the not too distant future is the New Years Eve Pageant and there will be a public meeting (see page 10) to get things organised and muster the volunteers. Get along and get involved!
Festival Fleurieu is gaining momentum for the 2017 event and a new local history festival is now in the making for 2018. It is to be every 2 years in the years between the Festival Fleurieu. Details on these are also in this issue.
Oh, and the letters section does not contain the slightest whiff of dog poo so breathe easy!
Until next issue...
Paul Jelfs