January/February 2015

Happy New Year Readers,Yankalilla regional News Jan/feb 2015
I hope you are all off to a good start in 2015, unlike this first issue, which is a few days behind schedule as far as the hard copy goes. The online version is however on time as usual.
Speaking of ‘online’… There is a heap of Normanville New Years Eve Pageant photos on the Yankalilla Regional News facebook page. Those who were there may see themselves and can tag themselves. If you weren’t there, you can see what you missed. The photos were taken by Gillian Rayment, who has been responsible for the cover photos for the last couple of years.
While you are there, you could even ‘like’ the page! Have a scroll through, there is lots of
interesting stuff there.
Events on the horizon include the Festival Fleurieu - formerly the Leafy Sea Dragon Festival - which
has an update on page 9.
The Lions Club have as fundraising evening of musical entertainment on 31st January - see page 7.
Letters to the editor - always an interesting read - are on page 11.
The next issue is the March issue as this one covers
until the end of February.
Until next issue...
Paul Jelfs - Editor

December 2014


Hello Readers,Yankalilla regional News December 2014
Merry Christmas to you all - or happy humbugs if you don’t get into the Christmas spirit.
Yes, it’s here again, that time of year we call the ‘silly season’ among other terms of endearment.
You are either gearing up for the busy peak of the business year or getting ready to hide yourselves away until the other side of January. Good luck with your chosen course of action.
The Yankalilla Cruise was bigger and better again this year and congratulations to the organisers and volunteers who made it possible.
The finale of the year is coming with the Normanville New Years Eve Pageant set to roll down to the beach for the 17th time. Will there be an 18th time? If no one steps up to the challenge then this could be the final pageant as the current organisers are standing down after this one. See page 3 and 7 for details on the pageant and a ‘save the pageant’ meeting to be held this month. It would be a big loss for the area if there are no one willing to take it on.
If you are out after dark this month take a look at the various Christmas light displays throughout the townships, including the one in Main Street, Yankalilla which is featured on the front cover.
Reminder… this issue goes until mid-January and the next one runs from mid-January to the end of February. Take note of the due date. There is always someone who misses out due to lateness, even though I am flexible on due dates. There comes a point where is just can’t be included.
Likewise, if the invoices are not paid, you may find that your advert is not included. (Subtle hint there)
Until next issue...
Paul Jelfs - Editor