October 2014


Hello Readers,Yankalilla regional news October 2014
We have dragged ourselves through another winter and spring is finally here.
The Wirrina Bluegrass Festival appeared to be another successful weekend and it was certainly well worth getting along to see the many talented musicians strutting their stuff. I even purchased
my first ever bluegrass CD after being suitably impressed by ‘The Company’ from Queensland.
Two of the members are Australian Bluegrass Champions and you could understand why when you heard them. Ok, so it wasn’t Metallica, but just as good within their own genre and variety is the spice of life!
It’s time for another local government election and all those on the voting roll will receive their
ballot papers towards the end of this month. Do take the time to evaluate your choices and
vote accordingly. Several of the candidates have advertised in this issue with the aim of catching
your vote and there is further information in the ‘In The Loop’ section.
The Festival Fleurieu is gathering momentum for 2015 and now is the time to get involved or register your event, exhibition, performance, etc. See page 15 for details and if you have any old
doors lying around, why not donate them to the Festival.
Golfers! The Yankalilla Golf Club needs your support. The club is under pressure due to lack of membership and it would be very sad to see its demise. Not to mention the loss of a beautifully scenic golf course that was established 90 years ago on land that was donated to the community for this purpose. See page 29.
Amazing! I actually left room for myself and nothing was left out of this issue due to lack of space. Things are picking up ahead of summer as they always do and hence an extra four pages could be added this time.
Don’t forget the 132nd Annual Yankalilla Show is on this weekend so get along and support this long running tradition. It’s also good for taking your mind off the problems of the rest of the world, of which there are many and de-stressing yourself for a day.
Until next issue...
Paul Jelfs


September 2014


Hello Readers,Yankalilla Regional News
The controversy over the future plans for the Yankalilla Library have been lingering in the background over the past month. I have received a number of emails on the subject, however I have left them all out as there are 2 more public meetings to discuss the Library this month. Those interested in the outcomes and want to have their say should go along.
The NBN roll out is happening in out area, some will have noticed the various crews working in holes in the ground. It was interesting that they sent out a media release, patting themselves on their collective heads, stating that about 160 residents are nearly able to have the new broadband. Out of 6000 nationally! Wow! That’s great! Maybe the next generation will finally get it all connected, I know I won’t be holding my breath in anticipation. Will it be as good as they say? One day we will find out.
The Council Elections are almost here. Please have your say and use your vote. If not, don’t complain
about who gets in.
The Deep Creek Conservation Park is having their Open Day on the 21st September from 11am to 2pm. Entry to the park is free. There will be lots to see and do and be entertained by. See the advert on page 23 for more details.
Well, I ran out of room again, so it is a bit squeezy in places and the hard copy is a few days late from delays getting to press. You can always go the website www.yrn.com.au and beat the hard copy.
Until next issue...
Paul Jelfs