September 2014


Hello Readers,Yankalilla Regional News
The controversy over the future plans for the Yankalilla Library have been lingering in the background over the past month. I have received a number of emails on the subject, however I have left them all out as there are 2 more public meetings to discuss the Library this month. Those interested in the outcomes and want to have their say should go along.
The NBN roll out is happening in out area, some will have noticed the various crews working in holes in the ground. It was interesting that they sent out a media release, patting themselves on their collective heads, stating that about 160 residents are nearly able to have the new broadband. Out of 6000 nationally! Wow! That’s great! Maybe the next generation will finally get it all connected, I know I won’t be holding my breath in anticipation. Will it be as good as they say? One day we will find out.
The Council Elections are almost here. Please have your say and use your vote. If not, don’t complain
about who gets in.
The Deep Creek Conservation Park is having their Open Day on the 21st September from 11am to 2pm. Entry to the park is free. There will be lots to see and do and be entertained by. See the advert on page 23 for more details.
Well, I ran out of room again, so it is a bit squeezy in places and the hard copy is a few days late from delays getting to press. You can always go the website and beat the hard copy.
Until next issue...
Paul Jelfs


August 2014

Hello Readers,Yankalilla regional news auguat 2014
Is it a particularly cold winter or am I just getting older. Certainly a bit greyer - my hair, not the weather - and the air conditioners have been in constant use lately in my cold little world. The last power bill was very painful.
Discussions were heating up, even if the weather wasn’t, over the moving of the Yankalilla Library. There was a public meeting at the start of July and there is some follow-up letters to the editor on the subject on page 23.
The only other topic of discussion was ‘where’s the puzzle page gone?’ - good to see we have our priorities right. The puzzles have been shelved for the moment due mainly to the lack of money for one reason or another. One reason is that a number of people are slow at paying for their adverts. (hint! hint!) and the other is having too much text to fit in to the given space allowed.
Increasing pages to fit the extra text would, of course, increase costs substantially without the advertising revenue to cover it. That would be a quick way for me to go broke and the ‘Yank News’ would then cease to exist! The puzzles are not the only thing that gets left out when space is gone - the next target for exclusion is the religious articles (the Christadelphians and John Hutchinson miss out this time), along with various government press releases and things with less relevance to the area.
So, that is a little insight as to how I do things in order to keep a 44 year old publication going into the future for the benefit of the local community.
If any business would like to ‘sponsor’ a puzzle section then that would be a way of keeping them in. Any takers? Price negotiable… email me!
As for being disorganised and badly laid out, dear Inman Valley reader, it depends very much on the requirements of the advertisers as to how it ends up being set out - sometimes I don’t like it either! This time I have completely changed it again but at least you will be happy the index is up front on page 3.
What else is happening? September is not far away when the Wirrina Bluegrass Festival is on again. This is one of the biggest events that happens in the area and details are on the next page.
The 132nd annual Yankalilla Show is on Saturday October 4th. Of course just about everyone ends up going and it is one of the big social occasions of the year. See page 25.
The Festival Fleurieu (formerly Leafy Sea Dragon Festival) is gearing up for 2015. Details on this are on page 10.
What else? Read on and find out.
Until next issue...
Paul Jelfs